I’ve actually only taken a hallucinogen (ayahuasca) once in my life and it was a total life fuck. It took me around four years to recover from it about ninety-five percent. I do use that experience in my work from time to time. But largely I’m inspired by idealism and aspirations.

Jesse Moynihan (via sushiprincessssssss)

That’s a really bizarre drug to take for your first trip. Isn’t it really rare and expensive?

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real talk if i could marry an episode it would probably be sky witch

also i loved redrawing this screencap, like so much

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Wait shelby's a she?! Also I've been reading all your posts in Shelby's voice. :P


No, I guess he’s a he!

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inspired by [x]

Part 1

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default album art
Song: lil bro
Artist: J. Smith & Madeleine Flores
Album: Adventure Time
Played: 13,102 times.


Here’s the demo version of the song me and Maddy did for last night’s Adventure Time!

The chords are B flat, E flat, F, B flat 

To make it easier, on guitar I play it with a Capo on the 1st fret and the chords A, D, E, A

This version was played on a ukulele tuned down a step (to F, B flat, D, G) — and the chords played as C, F, G, C

Here’s the lyrics:


Where are you


little brother


are you happy


or do you feel weird


have you changed a lot


or not

F                                                   Bb

are you ever gonna come back here?

Bb                                     Eb

I shouldn’t have been so hasty

F                                 Bb

You were just a little baby

Bb                     Eb

Or maybe you weren’t

F                                           Bb

I’m not really sure how little brothers work

Bb                    Eb

You were the first friend

F           Bb

I ever had

Bb                  Eb

No one can compare

F                                             Bb

Together we could probably fight a bear

Bb                                        Eb

So if you’re ever sad slash lonely


Don’t be


Cause I’ll be

Bb                          Eb

Right here next to you 

F                                                                 Bb

Cause that’s what big/little brothers are supposed to do

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Oh how they’ve grown!

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Beginning of the episode: “Kim Kil Whan!”

Middle of the episode: “Kim Kil Whan!!!”

End of the episode: “KIM KIL WHAN!!!!!”

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Waiting for jobs to happen. Hnng. killing time by sketching more frames into this animatic.


Waiting for jobs to happen. Hnng.
killing time by sketching more frames into this animatic.

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Last year, around middle of last year, I believe, I quit drawing official sketch card sets. But, back in 2011 or early 2012, I promised myself if there’s ever an Adventure Time card series that I would totally join it in a heartbeat. Then, around the end of last year, Cryptozoic announced they’re doing an Adventure Time sketch card series so I took myself out of retirement one… last… time… to participate.

So, they just announced that we can now show our approved sketch cards, so here they are!

I had 6 cards rejected. An Ice Queen (I guess I did draw her boobs too big in that one), a Slime Princess (yeah, no idea why), a Prismo and the other three are the mafia-style line-up drawing (the one you see at the end of this set with Ice King, Flame Princess and Marceline) featuring Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum (and I liked PB’s gunmoll style line-up sketch card I did too T_T), but, you know, if it’s rejected, it’s rejected and we are not allowed to show them.

So anyways, yeah, Adventure Time sketch cards, drawn in my own style and rendition.

Love these!

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